Payment for Ecosystem Services in practice

This case study describes how projects supported by Partnerships for Forests (P4F) have improved forest community livelihoods, forest conservation, and restoration by establishing a new Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) market in Indonesia.

Better Food, Better Brazil

This report by the Blended Finance Taskforce, discusses how Brazil can leverage finance to transform its food system to be people- and planet-positive.

Recovering, Rebuilding and Regrowing

In this interactive deep-dive, we share some of our immediate responses to COVID-19 as a programme and put forward a case for considering sustainable land use and forests as an essential part of the longer-term global recovery.

Padrões mínimos de conformidade para acessar investimentos

Esse guia prático foi desenvolvido com o objetivo de apoiar uma gama distinta de empreendedores – de pequenas e médias empresas a cooperativas e associações rurais – a desenvolver competências básicas para enfrentarem processos por vezes criteriosos de verificação de diligência de riscos e conformidade.