Strengthening biodiversity management in Colombia – Terrasos and P4F

Terrasos, a P4F partner, has created a unique business model around habitat banks in Colombia. The company stands as a pioneering entity in the biodiversity credits market, incorporating an economic incentive seamlessly into its business model to enhance the economic viability of the Habitat Bank model.

Sustainable timber production in Peru – P4F and Form International

The video “Sustainable timber production in Peru” shows how Form International, with the support of P4F, is consolidating a business model that offers a profitable alternative to the recovery of degraded land, particularly due to cattle ranching and monocultures, in the Ucayali region of Peru. The initiative aims to enhance biodiversity, promote the cultivation of

The Beef Alliance: Building environmental transparency in the international beef trade

This case study focuses on the role of Partnerships for Forests (P4F) in facilitating collaboration between the Brazilian beef sector and Chinese buyers to improve environmental standards and trade protocols. In collaboration with the Tropical Forest Alliance and Imaflora, P4F engaged with beef industry stakeholders. Together they established The Beef Alliance platform to facilitate discussions

Bioeconomy: Opportunities to advance the climate agenda and socio-economic development

The issue of the bioeconomy has become increasingly prominent in international and national debates in several Latin American countries – linked to the climate emergency and the need to decarbonise the economy. There have been numerous commitments by countries and companies to strengthen the bioeconomy, as well as increase the allocation of financial resources to

Reporting and Disbursement Guidelines

It is the responsibility of the Lead Organisation to ensure that they submit financial and technical reports in line with these principles and according to these guidelines.