Better Food, Better Brazil


Brazil feeds 10% of the global population. It is home to 10% of the world’s biodiversity. It stores 25% of the world’s carbon. There is no local food system more important to global food system reformation – and time is running out. Brazil must transform its food system to be people- and planet-positive. And it can do so using finance.

This report by the Blended Finance Taskforce, discusses (i) the centrality of Brazil to global food system transformation, (ii) the benefits of a transition for Brazilian producers, investors and governing authorities, (iii) the investment requirement of a transition, (iv) the types of business models that should be scaled, (v) the barriers encountered by producers, investors and government when scaling nature-positive agriculture in Brazil, and (vi) the solutions to overcoming those barriers, before concluding with eight tangible recommendations for stakeholders across the Brazilian food system.


This publication was commissioned by Partnerships for Forests as part of our work to identify concrete actions to transform global and local food systems.

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