Invitation to Tender: P4F is procuring a programme auditor

Palladium seeks to procure an Auditor to conduct an annual audit on the P4F programme. The objective of the audit is to conduct an independent annual programme financial audit of P4F from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 and determine the activity is in accordance with the contractual requirements for the Partnerships for Forests

Invitation to Tender: Procurement for an Auditor

Palladium seeks to procure an Auditor to conduct audits on a number of Grants and Subcontracts between 2020 and 2023, so as to verify that recipients of Partnerships for Forests funds have expended those funds in accordance with the terms of their Grant Agreement or Subcontract. The procurement is for an Auditor for all of

Invitation to Tender: Consultancy (Ghana) – Feasibility and Design of a Sustainable Cocoa Landscape Finance Mechanism

Partnerships for Forests supported projects in Western Ghana have developed innovative landscape governance models for land and natural resource management with the ultimate goal of ensuring that cocoa and other commodities are produced and sourced within the Western cocoa belt of Ghana in a sustainable way. In pursuance of pathways to secure financing for transforming