Recovering, Rebuilding and Regrowing

In planning their COVID-19 recovery strategies, governments across the globe risk missing a crucial moment to kickstart regenerative economies that would protect our planet from dangerous climate change and biodiversity loss. But Partnerships for Forests shows how we can put forests and sustainable land use at the heart of our reset. 

Though at least USD 14.9 trillion has been earmarked for stimulus packages, most governments have chosen not to use them to enhance nature or tackle climate change. If instead we were to use this opportunity to direct much greater levels of investment into forests and sustainable land use, we could not only prevent irreversible damage to nature, but could also dramatically lower future costs of protecting the planet.

In this interactive deep-dive, we share some of our immediate responses to COVID-19 as a programme and put forward a case for considering sustainable land use and forests as an essential part of the longer-term global recovery.