Latin America

Partnerships for Forests expansion into Latin America was announced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in 2017 during the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, Germany. Our current focus countries are Brazil, Colombia and Peru. 

Latin America is home to 22% of the forested areas globally. Brazil alone contains the largest forest area in the world; over 60% of its land area is covered by forest, most within the Amazon basin — the largest continuous mass of the world’s tropical forests. 

The region is also an agricultural powerhouse. Global demand for food, energy, fibres and other materials provides strong incentives for further expansion of agricultural activities in the region. It also poses a challenge to the climate agenda since there is a constant need to reduce—and even reverse—the sector’s legacy of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our Portfolio

Partnerships for Forests investment portfolio in Latin America is dedicated to ensuring that economic activities take place side-by-side with forest conservation, sustained by improved productivity and profitability. 

The programme aims to promote sustainable rural business initiatives that can positively impact land-use management and attract private capital for large-scale change. The private sector plays a central role in building a sustainable, vibrant and inclusive rural economy and helps to reduce, and absorb, greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our online portfolio provides an overview of each supported initiative, its surrounding challenges, and the solutions it offers. It can provide meaningful insights to entrepreneurs, investors, local communities and other stakeholders in the land-use sector globally that, when successfully addressed, can be replicated elsewhere under similar circumstances. 

Learn how to submit a new proposal to Partnerships for Forests in Latin America. We are always interested in new initiatives. 

Case studies

Restoring degraded lands in tropical forests: How the Seed Paths Initiative is enabling forest restoration pilots in Brazil

This case study explores how the Seed Paths Initiative supported over 30 pilots between 2019-20 to restore diverse environments across Brazil including the Amazon, Cerrado and Atlantic Rainforest biomes with an innovative direct seeding approach.

Strengthening sustainable sourcing commitments: Early results on improving sustainability in the Brazilian beef industry

This case study looks at early results from Partnerships for Forests’ support to a number of initiatives that are working with the Brazilian beef industry to strengthen sustainability commitments and improve the environment for sustainable sourcing of cattle and beef.

From Seeds to Forest: Combined strategies to strengthen forest restoration in Brazil

This case study outlines some early stage results emerging from two initiatives working to promote and scale an innovative direct seeding technique in Brazil’s reforestation sector.

A sweet taste for forests

This case study tells the story of a multi-partner initiative turning cocoa into a restoration driver in Brazil’s leading deforestation state.

A Year in Latin America

A year into our expansion into Latin America, we reflect on key learnings from the period, with a series of recommendations for both entrepreneurs and investors in the climate-smart land use sector in Colombia and Brazil.

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