East Africa Coffee Story: Empowering Women and Youth through Partnerships for Forests

In recent years, the importance of nature-based solutions in combating environmental challenges has gained significant attention. These solutions leverage the power of nature to address issues such as deforestation, climate change, and biodiversity loss. One notable initiative making strides in this area is the Partnerships for Forests East Africa (P4F EA) programme. P4F EA is

Partnerships for Forests: Quarterly Update 🌎 December 2023

COP28 has just wrapped up in Dubai, and P4F team members on the ground at COP have started to make their way home. The summit marks a key point in the year for climate action, solutions and stocktakes – and is often as regarded as setting the tone for action in the space for next

Invitation to Tender: Bioeconomy and Non-Timber Forest Products in Peru

P4F is tendering a 3-month and 2-week consultancy to identify challenges and opportunities to support the development of indigenous businesses that work around NTFPs in the Peruvian Amazon and find market opportunities for these. As well, as to provide recommendations for improving legislation and public policy that can lead NTFP businesses to thrive, and identify relevant