Our portfolio

Our portfolio consists primarily of Forest Partnerships which currently span three hotspot regions for tropical deforestation – West and Central Africa, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. These are supported by our global projects that aim to strengthen demand for sustainable commodities and create an enabling environment for sustainable investments.


Forest Partnerships

Partnerships for Forest’s main focus is supporting the development of Forest Partnerships. These are partnerships between private sector companies, public sector actors and people—the communities that depend on forests for their livelihoods—that catalyse investment in forests and sustainable land use.

If you have an idea, or an existing project, that you think is a good fit with our approach, please submit a short proposal through our Online Portal.

Enabling Conditions Projects

Our work on enabling conditions focuses on unblocking critical barriers that hinder sustainable investments, particularly those affecting Forest Partnerships in the portfoloio. This work includes supporting and sharing research on investment models and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue to identify options or strategies to unblock barriers.

Demand-side Projects

Demand-side measures support the implementation of existing corporate supply chain commitments, existing public procurement policies and developing new responsible sourcing guidelines and implementation tools.