Invitation to Tender: Lessons Learnt on credit placement for sustainable cattle ranching in Colombia

P4F is tendering a 2-month consultancy to gather lessons learnt on the models that have been piloted for the provisioning of technical assistance alongside credits as well as conduct an in-depth analysis of existing constraints and opportunities for the development of adaptable, attuned and financially feasible solutions that break the existing correlation of credit for cattle and deforestation. 

The publicly available Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) contains the Terms of Reference (“TOR”), the technical and financial selection criteria and the conditions of tender. Please forward your tender in accordance with the Details for Submission in the ITT by the deadline for receipt of tenders.

NOTE: The selected company must commit to the terms within the P4F subcontract template.

Deadline for receipt of clarifications: 17:00 (Colombia Time) on 12/04/2023

Responses to questions: 11:30 (Colombia Time) on 14/04/2023

Deadline for receipt of tenders: 10:00 (Colombia Time) on 17/04/2023

We look forward to responses, and if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Project Officer by e-mail: