Invitation to Tender: FACT Smallholder Mapping Study

Partnerships for Forests is tendering a consultancy to undertake a Smallholder Mapping Study to support with the aims of the FACT Roadmap.

The FACT Roadmap was launched at COP26 and as a key outcome of the FACT Dialogue that was convened by consumer and producer countries. Members agreed on the following action areas to take forward in the overall aim of reducing deforestation and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Trade and Market Development 
  • Smallholder Support
  • Transparency and Traceability 
  • Research, Development, and Innovation 

Empowering Smallholder farmers is one of the FACT working groups (Action area 2: Smallholder Support) and it is central to the objectives of the FACT Dialogue as smallholders are key players in the commodity value chain. This theme focuses on improving smallholder conditions in order to support their engagement in actions to reduce deforestation.

The barrier to identifying the challenges faced by smallholders is the lack of systematic mapping of smallholder support to date. Mapping the current support would pave the way to provide actionable solutions to challenges and adequate support for smallholders. 

To address this, P4F is looking for a consultancy to undertake the smallholder mapping study to support the Smallholder Support working group. Undertaking the study will provide a clear analysis of the current support schemes available, assessing impact, addressing gaps, and identifying further opportunities for support. This can inform the national and international interventions needed in the sector in terms of addressing the challenges faced by smallholders and providing actionable solutions with the aim of supporting the FACT Roadmap initiative.

The publicly available Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) contains the Terms of Reference (“ToR”), the technical and financial selection criteria, and the conditions of the tender.

Please forward your Tender in accordance with the Details for Submission above by the Closing Date and Time to Jade Blake via email:

Closing Date and Time: 3 June 2022, 23:59 BST

Applicant Queries and Responses are available here.