Reporting and Disbursement Guidelines

It is the responsibility of the Lead Organisation to ensure that they submit financial and technical reports in line with these principles and according to these guidelines.

Social and Gender Guidance

This guidance report offers support for organisations to increase their ambition on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI).

Procurement Guidelines

Partnerships for Forests requires competition in all procurements of goods and services that will be paid for with grant funds.

Grants Funding Guidelines

Any expenditure should be modest, measured, defensible and clearly linked to Partnerships for Forests-supported activities.

Downstream Due Diligence Guidelines

Partnerships for Forests requires that satisfactorily robust due diligence is conducted on each organisation that forms a link in the delivery chain.

Grant Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The Grant Eligibility and Selection criteria specify which types of entities may apply for Partnerships for Forests grants, the minimum eligibility criteria and general selection criteria.