A sweet taste for forests

This case study tells the story of a multi-partner initiative turning cocoa into a restoration driver in Brazil’s leading deforestation state. By shifting from cattle ranching to cocoa agroforestry, farmers can restore degraded pastureland and access better livelihood opportunities.

The partnership is led by The Nature Conservancy who brings together Mondelēz International, Olam Cocoa, and local cooperatives in Pará. With its technical assistance hub, the project is lifting the barriers to a widespread transition to cocoa agroforestry – tackling the large upfront investment costs for smallholders and providing affordable, largescale technical assistance to build their skills. Over 250 smallholders have now moved away from unsustainable practices. Partnerships for Forests has supported the model from its early days, including developing the Hub’s business plan and leading discussions with the Bank of Amazonia to unlock a credit line for agroforestry systems.