Integrated Sustainable Forests Landscape Management

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Forest partnership
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MoU signed

Partnerships for Forests is supporting Integrated Sustainable Landscape Management in and around the Tain II Forest Reserve via the development of an effective forest plantation model. 


Form Ghana, a leading company in sustainable plantation management, has an active Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Forestry Commission and traditional land owners to reforest a part of the degraded Tain II forest reserve in Ghana. Form Ghana has developed 8,000ha of its 20,000ha concession since 2001. These activities are linked to the Ghana Forest Plantation Strategy which aims at restoring economic and ecological functioning of 500,000 hectares of the country’s degraded forest reserves through a 25 year plantation development programme. Form Ghana is currently faced with a major risk of wildfires from surrounding communities and private landowners, which is affecting their investments as well as the entire landscape of about 117,000 ha.

Initial studies conducted by Form Ghana have demonstrated that the problems within the landscape, including wildfires, stem from a of lack of coordination and alignment between different land users regarding land use planning; inability of the smallholders and the government to invest in the needed restoration activities; and an insufficient legal framework on land tenure issues.

The Project

To address these challenges, Form International[1] wants to build on the current Form Ghana model and the PPP concept by piloting and upscaling an integrated sustainable forest landscape management approach. This will achieve sustainable forest landscape management in and around the Tain II Forest Reserve through a PPP, serving as an effective forest plantation development model. An integrated forest landscape restoration approach will also contribute to the national strategy by involving key land use groups and stakeholders, and jointly addressing challenges in the landscape including the wildfires as well as develop opportunities for inclusive development.

Partnerships for Forests is providing the initial investment required to conduct feasibility studies, form partnerships and pilot the integrated landscape approach to provide the proof of concept to catalyse further investment into the landscape and elsewhere in the West and Central Africa region. Key to its successful implementation is the formation of a functional Landscape Governance Board. This Board will consist of chiefs, the Forestry Commission, farmer/community representatives and Form Ghana.  The Landscape Governance Board will have the power to sanction farmers found to have encroached upon the allowed boundaries. The Board shall also be directly involved in determining the alternative sources of livelihood activities which community members will engage in after the feasibility studies are conducted. Farmers within these communities will benefit from new business opportunities and enhanced access to markets, and will also receive incentives in the form of loans from a microfinance institution to set up and run their businesses after a period of compliance with the partnership agreement. The Landscape Governance Board shall essentially manage the communities interface with the forest landscape thus creating a responsible fire belt to enable Form Ghana to manage the forest estate.

Partnerships for Forests support has enabled the signing of MoUs between the partners, and will facilitate the launch of the Landscape Governance Board in early 2018, which will be a key tool in tackling the problems of encroachment and wildfires within the 117,000 ha landscape.

The signing of the MoU between Ghana Forestry Commission, Form Ghana Ltd., Form International, the Berekum Traditional Council and the Berekum Municipal Assembly


Lead Organisation: Form International

Implementing Organisations:

Public: Ghana Forestry Commission

Private: Form International, Form Ghana

Civil Society: Traditional leaders from the communities

[1] Form International is the parent company of Form Ghana