Sustainable shea cosmetics company sourcing from wild Ghanaian forests


Ghana (HQ), Sub-Saharan Africa



Sheer Babe was founded in 2016 in Accra, Ghana and develops natural organic cosmetics for the hair and skin beauty industry. Sheer Babe’s products are made using raw shea sourced from the wild forests in Ghana. With its products, Sheer Babe fills a market gap in affordable, high quality, sustainably produced cosmetics and hair products for natural hair. Since Sheer Babe’s founding, it has developed a wide range of products, all of which are manufactured in house to meet high quality control standards. To develop the sustainable shea industry, Sheer Babe runs a woman focused training programme on the creation of organic cosmetic products. To ensure high quality supply of raw materials, the company provides working capital and long term contracts for raw material suppliers it sources from. Through sustainable sourcing and quality control, Sheer Babe has developed the competitive advantage of being able to consistently to consistently develop and deliver high quality, sustainably sourced and ethically produced organic cosmetics. Sheer Babe is currently fundraising to double its production within the next five years, enabling it to fulfil the strong local and international demand for its products.


  • Create a market for wild forest products through the production and sales of sustainably sourced, organic cosmetics;
  • Reduce waste through the use of refillable packaging;
  • Establish an educational programme for women and girls over the age of 18 for free, to train them on the creation and production of high quality organic cosmetics products, with the aim to make them future entrepreneurs.


CommodityShea (cosmetics and hair products)
Annual revenue (USD)< 100k
Employees 1 -10
Years in operation 2 – 5


Amount (USD)101k -200k
Instrument Equity

Use of funds

Capital expenditures including the expansion of work spaces and purchase of machinery. Operational expenditures including (global) market development and the employment and training of new staff.


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