Revolving funds and technical assistance facility to create high-quality forest carbon projects


The Netherlands (HQ), with global operations


Carbon credit, restoration, conservation, agroforestry, biodiversity

Company overview

Treevive (a planned subsidiary of Form International) develops new forest carbon projects by offering forest managers pre-finance and hands-on technical assistance to reach certification (according to international standards such as VCS). Once established, Treevive connects the project to the premium carbon market and its network of impact-committed investors and buyers. Treevive functions as a revolving fund, where profit from a developed project will feed the pre-financing and (further) development of new projects. Treevive also offers support on project management, implementation and monitoring, as well as services to develop other revenue drivers including timber and agroforestry products. Treevive builds on 30 years of extensive track records and networks of Form International, a specialised management, investment, and consulting firm in the sector.


  • By 2030, Treevive will develop over 30 projects in tropical Africa, Latin America and Asia, that will:
    • conserve and restore at least 2 million ha of forest landscapes;
    • generate over 33 million tCO2 emission reductions and removals;
    • conserve, restore and enhance the ecosystem (e.g. biodiversity, soil, water);
    • generate 7,500 jobs and impact 30,000 people by improving their livelihoods.


CommodityCarbon credits, timber, NTFPs,
agroforestry products
Annual revenue (USD)Pre-revenue
Employees 11-50
Years in operation Less than 2 years, with 30 years of experience of Form International


Amount (USD)1.1m – 5m
InstrumentDebt, Grants

Use of funds

Establishment of Treevive as a
subsidiary of Form International
and fundraising for the
fund to become operational
in the development and
implementation of new forest
carbon projects.


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