Reviving Colombian Forests: Ecohome’s soapnut revolution

This video explores how natural cleaning product company Ecohome is creating a new model for sourcing ingredients that has a positive impact on forests and farmers in Colombia.

Since 2021, P4F has supported Ecohome to create a novel agroforestry system based on soapnuts. The soapnut tree (Sapindus saponica), known as chumbimbo in Colombia, produces berries that contain a natural surfactant.

Surfactants are an important component of cleaning products, but predominantly sourced from petrochemicals. Instead, Ecohome is developing a cost-effective model for the extraction of this natural biosurfactant with the aim of becoming the first positive ecological footprint company in the home care industry.

The project seeks to restore degraded lands in Cartama Province, Antioquia, and support the protection of the Colombian dry forest by implementing a business model that includes wild harvest, planting, and community-based support.

There are 1,000 hectares under regenerative practices and sustainable land management linked to Ecohome, with 100 landowners directly impacted.