Lessons learned from the Cocoa Landscape Investment Facility (CLIF) development: Valorising natural capital

Ghana has lost more than 60% of its forest cover over the past few decades, with a key driver being the expansion of cocoa farming and other agricultural practices. Sustainable landscape management and coordinated efforts to protect Ghana’s forests are needed to address this challenge.

This report funded by the Partnerships for Forests provides insights from the development of the Cocoa Landscape Investment Facility (CLIF) and shares lessons learned on the development of natural capital in cocoa hotspots in Ghana. It presents the process followed for the assessment of the landscape carbon impact potential in Ghanaian landscapes Asutifi Asunafo and Bia Juabeso, and the pathways for valorisation.

It is intended for project developers, development practitioners, investors and other stakeholders involved in sustainable landscape management and smallholder farming ecosystems.