Equitable benefit sharing in reforestation: lessons from Taking Root to optimise value for smallholder farmers

This knowledge product outlines some of the approaches and perspectives the environmental non-profit Taking Root applies to integrate the values of partnership and equity into forest restoration projects.

The Vancouver-based organisation focuses on accelerating the restoration of the world’s forests, enabling smallholder farmers to grow trees and earn money from the carbon they remove from the atmosphere. It has developed a new mobile and web-based technology platform and provides support to make it simple for its reforestation partners to enable transparent and robust forest carbon removals.

Taking Root’s unique protocol provides an accessible industry best-practice approach for investors, local communities, and project implementers to quantify, verify and claim new trees grown and the carbon they sequester from tropical reforestation, supporting reforestation partners to access sustainable sources of financing through the carbon market.

Since 2022, P4F has supported Taking Root to accelerate its work restoring forests with smallholder farmers and bring in new partners in new project geographies. This support has included investing in Taking Root’s capacity to deliver its support services and technology platform, as well as enabling the further integration of the protocol into its technology.

The following booklet draws on this experience to look at key considerations for equitable benefit sharing and explores what value looks like for different communities to help guide project developers and implementers as they navigate integrating benefit sharing into their own projects.