Conecta: A monitoring solution for a deforestation-free beef supply chain in Brazil

In this video, players from Brazil’s beef sector explain how the Conecta monitoring tool is answering calls for greater transparency in efforts to eliminate deforestation from the supply chain.

Using blockchain, the platform tracks cattle’s journey in a complex supply chain from farm to supermarket, enabling users along the way to cross-reference the data and ensure that the beef is deforestation-free.

The platform has integrated data from major retailers in Brazil, including Walmart. It offers information from over 20,000 farms and more than 14 meatpackers. At present, data from 2.6 million hectares is being monitored to ensure compliance, corresponding to 20 million kg of beef.

Since 2021, Partnerships for Forests has supported the Conecta platform in developing a business model, providing clear benefits for cattle ranchers and meatpackers operating in the Amazon. In 2023, P4F funded the pilot of Conecta’s business model that involved improving meatpackers’ purchasing procedures and allowing cattle ranchers to collect and share information to qualify their products and monitor their suppliers through the Conecta app.