Producer of the world’s first edible natural blue colourant sourced from Colombia’s rich biodiversity


Colombia (HQ), USA, Italy, Germany


Agroforestry, Bio-based innovation

Company overview

Ecoflora is a triple impact, bio-based technology company which, in the rainforests of Colombia, invented the “missing holy grail” the food industry was looking for. Through patented technology (already protected in all major markets), the company created the world’s first edible, safe, pH- and temperature-stable, natural and environmentally conscious blue colourant: Jagua Blue. Jagua Blue is instrumental in responding to the global trend of moving from synthetic dyes to naturals. It is sourced from the jagua fruits produced by GPS-tracked trees, guaranteeing traceability of the supply chain and fulfilment of Ethical BioTrade standards to promote sustainable use of Colombian biodiversity. Ecoflora aims to progressively enter the global food and cosmetics markets following regulatory clearances, which are in advanced stages of development in multiple countries. In July 2018, Ecoflora secured a license and distribution agreement with a leading developer and manufacturer of natural
colouring ingredients, covering the Americas.


  • Create value from biodiversity through the sustainable use of non-timber resources in biodiversity hotspots in Colombia. The company operates three plantations (the largest being 103-ha, and 46% of the total area utilising silvopasture) with 4,222 ha of land of smallholder partners being under sustainable management;
  • Grow its pilot Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) scheme, which has proved a strong economic incentive for 72 beneficiaries in protecting jagua trees.


CommodityBlue colourant
Annual revenue (USD)201k – 500k
Employees 11 – 50
Years in operation >10 years


Amount (USD)1.1m – 5m
InstrumentDebt, Equity

Use of funds

USD 2m to secure the commercial process of the blue colour (mostly working capital); expand the sustainable supply programme to other communities; scale up the current production facilities; and
develop new products.


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