Voices from Ghana’s cocoa value chain

In this video key representatives in the value chain – from farmers growing the cocoa, to the buyers and manufacturers of chocolate – talk about how they are working in partnership with government to deliver transformation in Ghana’s cocoa industry.

Making forests and biodiversity work for all: workshop

This online workshop gives a high-level summary of our report, ‘Making forests and biodiversity work for all’, showcasing how P4F is supporting regenerative business models in areas with high biodiversity value across the tropics.

Unlocking Carbon Finance in Ghana

Lessons learned from incubating a regenerative cocoa business model in Ghana that helped unlock performance-based payments for carbon emission reductions in Ghana’s High Forest Zone.

Produce-Protect Initiatives in Forest Landscapes

This evaluative study sought to explore the strategically important area of “Produce-Protect” interventions within P4F. The work included a literature review and expert interviews as the basis for an assessment framework that can then be applied across P4F and similar programmes.