Sustainable forest product trader sourcing from sustainably managed community forests


Netherlands and South East Asia


Forestry, Carbon Credits, Non-timber Forest Products

Company overview

GSFP is a forestry consulting company, with a trading arm focusing on Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS) and Non-timber Forest Products (NTFP). With the global timber demand expected to quadruple by 2050, GSFP wants to serve this growing market while preventing the over-exploitation of well-known timber species and the resulting degradation of primary forest areas. The company aims to do so by being a reliable source of high quality, ethically sourced and regeneratively produced forest products. It sources from 10 community-owned and sustainably managed Indonesian (East Kalimantan) FSC-concessions spanning over 800,000 ha. The sourcing focuses on LKTS, which makes up to 93% of tropical forest timber volume. Focusing on LKTS ensures the optimal use of forest resources, without exhausting nature. Thus, using LKTS helps halt deforestation and protects biodiversity. The target markets for GSFP’s LKTS products are the timber industry, civil engineering and decking markets in Europe, North America and Australia. In concession areas where logging is prohibited, the company develops value chains for, and trades NTFPs such as honey, essential oils, fruits, and bird nests. With the current capital raise, GSFP plans to upscale its supply base, and to develop markets for both LKTS and


  • Improve the livelihoods for the three forest communities existing of about 12,000 people.  
  • Create sustainable livelihoods in village-owned forests (APL) and natural forest concessions (HPH) in the Mahakam Ulu, Kutai Barat and Berau Regencies of East Kalimantan;
  • Reduce deforestation and forest degradation within the areas GSFP is sourcing from;
  • Introduce sustainable forest management within the APLs and HPHs to regenerate forests and soils, increasing biodiversity and enhancing carbon sequestration.


CommodityLesser Known Timber Species, NTFP and carbon credits
Annual revenue (USD)Pre-revenue
Employees 1 – 10
Years in operation 2 – 5, with more than 25 years of experience


Amount (USD)1.1m – 5m

Use of funds

Operating expenses including working capital, R&D, social inclusion programs, community development and education programs.


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