Wild Forest Honey Market & Sales Strategy Research Report

With favourable conditions for wild forest honey production in Indonesia’s vast tropical forested areas, the country could, with the proper assistance, be a leading global supplier of this high-value commodity.

Across Indonesia’s tropical rainforests, wild forest honey farming has great potential to contribute to the preservation of delicate ecosystems and bee populations as it offers an alternative livelihood to destructive forest practices such as logging and palm oil plantations.

However, the wild forest honey industry in Indonesia is still largely undeveloped. And with continued deforestation putting prime areas for high-value honey production at risk of ecosystem collapse, the clock is ticking.

This report explores how partners – in particular those working in ecosystem restoration concessions – might leverage marketing and sales strategies to support producers to reach premium buyers, or value-add their products. With greater revenue from honey cultivation, the commodity could play a key role in protecting Indonesia’s precious standing forests.