Virtual Launch Ethiopia’s Forest Coffee: An Illustrated Guide

To celebrate the worldwide launch of Ethiopia’s Forest Coffee: An Illustrated Guide, Partnerships for Forests joined Technoserve and a panel of experts spanning the breadth of the coffee supply chain to discuss these extraordinary coffees and the critical role coffee forests play.

Ethiopia’s remaining coffee forests serve as a natural genetic bank for Arabica varietals, protect biodiverse habitats, and sustain the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers who harvest the extraordinary coffees that grow wild there. The first edition of the coffee guide is an innovative resource for coffee buyers and enthusiasts around the world to learn more about Ethiopia’s exciting forest coffee.

The lively discussion featured panellists from:

  • TechnoServe
  • Partnerships for Forests
  • Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority
  • Falcon Coffee
  • Kew Royal Botanical Gardens