Landscape Approaches

The Landscape Approaches report provides commodity producers in agricultural value chains insights on the different approaches they can take to achieve landscape-level sustainability. The report showcases a global collection of 20 real-world examples from the Partnerships for Forests (P4F) portfolio where companies and projects are making transformative impacts in their landscapes and wider sector through collaborating with other stakeholders towards a common vision.

Building on Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Proforest’s Practical Guide on ‘Landscape Scale Action for Forests, People and Sustainable Production’, this report provides insights from landscapes in Colombia, Brazil, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Indonesia as well as global sector-wide initiatives that companies are also collaborating on.

The report concludes with lessons for donors, commodity producers, and facilitators of landscape approaches from P4F’s perspective as a portfolio manager.


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