An agroforestry model to manage social and environmental risks in Northern Uganda

Lush and its subsidiary Alumalum have been successfully operating an agroforestry-based Partner Farmer Programme in Northern Uganda. P4F has supported the programme’s expansion and the inclusion of additional commodities, such as cocoa and vanilla, along with the implementation of a Payments for Ecosystem Services carbon project.

Engaging Smallholders to Expand Sustainable Timber Certification

P4F collaborated with the Forest Stewardship Council in East Africa to promote group certification uptake by the Western Tree Planters Association (WETPA) in Western Kenya, and so achieve responsible management of their woodlots for timber and other tree products and services.

Enhancing Colombia’s Bioeconomy Through Açaí

This case study explores the efforts to assess açaí’s potential, back local enterprises in Colombia’s Amazon and Pacific regions, analyse national and international market trends, and assist in designing optimal fruit harvesting regulations in Colombia.