Moving towards deforestation free soya in the UK: the role of public-private supply chain dialogue

Case study

In June 2019, with support from Partnerships for Forests, eight of the largest UK supermarkets – totalling a combined retail market share of 83% – had published their action plans to deliver sustainable soya to the UK market.

The following case study documents how this achievement and significant progress made by the UK Sustainable Soya Initiative has driven corporate and public policy changes relating to the soya market both in the UK and in other consumer countries.

It explores how the UK Soya Roundtable, a pre-competitive space for discussions and knowledge exchange, has enabled these changes and explores the remaining challenges that Roundtable members face, identifying mitigations as well as strategic opportunities that the Initiative could harness to accelerate progress.

Finally, the case study showcases how the UK Initiative’s impact is being extended and deepened via leadership and outreach activities aimed at sharing lessons and models with other key consumer markets outside of the UK.

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