Innovative business that creates economic value from biodiversity protection


Colombia (HQ), Latin America and Caribbean


Restoration, Biodiversity (credits)

Founded in 2013, Terrasos aims to be the market leader in obligatory offsets through consulting services, as well as operation and management of Habitat Banks (biodiversity compensation projects). Habitat Banks propose a solution to current gaps in offset market offerings by creating 30-year projects with autonomous and guaranteed operation that channels multiple offsets in sales-ready biodiversity credits. Terrasos has piloted the first Habitat Bank in Latin America and has already sold USD 1.8 million in biodiversity credits in Colombia. Building on this success, Terrasos is now raising funds to scale their work in structuring and managing additional Habitat Banks. By growing the Habitat Banks market, Terrasos looks to protect endangered ecosystems. Over the next 2 years Terrasos aims to place 5,000 hectares under sustainable management, generating complementary income streams to landowners through Habitat Banks.


  • Protect 4,000 hectares and restore an additional 1,000 hectares of highly endangered ecosystems over 30 years, while generating complementary income streams for landowners through the establishment of habitat banks;
  • Mobilize USD 45 million into protecting nature through the sale of biodiversity credits spurred by pending environmental offset obligations;
  • Generate 180 sustainable jobs in different regions of Colombia.


CommodityBiodiversity credits
Annual revenue (USD) 201k – 500k
Employees 11 – 50
Years in operation 2 – 5


Amount (USD)1.1 – 5m
Instrument Equity

Use of funds

Project operating expenses (e.g. propagation of plant material from native seedlings in the nursery, monitoring and surveillance tours by rangers) and early implementation of environmental strategies on every project site.


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