Incentivising restoration and generating rural livelihoods through highly nutritious Moringa trees


Kenya (HQ), Sub-Saharan Africa


Agroforestry, Restoration

Botanic Treasures is a vertically integrated Moringa Oleifera processing and trading company. Moringa is a highly sought-after “superfood” in the global market, with current global demand being 4x more than the supply. Located in Kenya, Botanic Treasures works with thousands of farmers to build their capacity for the commercial cultivation of Moringa trees. Botanic Treasure guarantees the offtake of the tree’s leaves and seeds to the farmers it works with, thus securing its high quality supply and providing financial security for farmers. The company leverages local knowledge and science to create its own competitively priced, natural, high quality, nutritious and healthy Moringa-based products. Botanic Treasure also offers full traceability of its products. The company has two main sales channels: two enterprise-owned retail stores in Nairobi; and wholesale B2B sales. As of now, you can find Botanic Treasure products in 110 supermarket outlets throughout Kenya.


  • Create sustainable farming livelihoods from degraded land in drought prone areas;
  • Plant 2 million trees in Kenya, enhancing local biodiversity and sequestering carbon;
  • Restore 100 hectares of degraded land. These restored areas can absorb carbon dioxide 20 times more effective than the general vegetation;
  • Train 2,000 farmers. Currently, Botanic Treasures is actively working with 500 farmers – 60% of which are women;
  • Spur economic development through Botanic Treasure’s operations, which are estimated to have enabled over 20 “Moringa ventures”, and over 100 green village businesses. Within Botanic Treasures’ value chain, it estimates to have created 36,300 jobs.


CommodityMoringa leaf and seed, Baobab, Tamarind and Amla
Annual revenue (USD)101 – 200k
Employees 11 – 50
Years in operation 2 – 5


Amount (USD)201k -500k
InstrumentDebt, Equity

Use of funds

Capital expenditures including the upscaling of the nursery, pack-house, community solar dryers and beehives. Operational expenditures including clinical research, HR training, branding, working capital, farmer recruitment, seeds and certifications (Organic, Fair-Trade, HACCP). Additionally, funds will be used for non-commercial projects like the development of a Resource Centre, Schools Greening Project and admin.


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