Funds for Nature Investor Database

Funds for Nature is a collaborative and accessible database of funds and asset managers with a mandate to invest in nature-based businesses.

It covers the forest and land use, food and agriculture, and ocean and aquaculture sectors.

You can use the database to search for investors working in this space – and we can help connect you.

The database is live and open to additions, and we encourage investors and asset managers to update the information relating to your funds. We also welcome suggestions and additions – please get in touch with your ideas.

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Forest and Land use database of funds and asset managers

Forests and land use

Forest and agriculture use database of funds and asset managers

Food and agriculture

Ocean and aquaculture database of funds and asset managers

Ocean and aquaculture

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Edit your fund

Update the details provided for your vehicle or group directly on the dashboard by clicking the ‘Update info’ button at the bottom of your card.

This may create a duplicate – we’ll work to resolve these as soon as possible.

Add your fund

If your organisation has a mandate to invest in nature-based companies and isn’t featured in the database, add your investment vehicle via our online form.

Get in touch with a fund

If you’d like to contact a featured fund, drop us an email at and we will help connect you.

Give your feedback

We’d love to hear your ideas for how we might improve the database or for future collaborations.

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The Funds for Nature database was created in collaboration between Partnerships for Forests and the Blended Finance Taskforce. The data is taken mainly from publicly available sources and we invite featured institutions to update and verify their information. The database does not constitute an offering, recommendation, nor it is replacement for due diligence. It is an initial information resource on the nature investing sector.

About The Blended Finance Taskforce

The Blended Finance Taskforce is a global coalition that aims to mobilise private capital for climate action and the UN Sustainable Development Goals – a universal call to action to end poverty and protect the planet. The Taskforce brings together leaders from business, finance, development, policy, and civil society to help overcome barriers to investing in high impact sectors and geographies, with a focus on financing natural solutions and sustainable infrastructure in emerging markets. More >