Creating sustainable livelihoods in the Amazon by sourcing, processing and retailing sustainable non-timber forest products


Colombia (HQ), Latin America and Caribbean


Wild forest production, Agroforestry

Company overview

Founded in 2012, AMAPURI has established a business
commercializing sustainably sourced Amazonian fruit products. The company operates a processing plant in Puerto Asis, Putumayo, an area with historically high poverty rates and deforestation. At the processing plant, açaí, camu-camu and copoazu derivatives, such as high-quality pulps and lyophilized products (all certified organic) are produced. Processing the fruits extends their shelf life, enabling Amapuri to serve international markets. Together with its NGO-operating partner Corpocampo, the company is raising money to expand its supply chains along the hydrographic basin of the Putumayo River (Amazon region), due to its enormous potential for sustainably harvested wild açaí and other non-timber forest products within the area. Through this supply chain expansion, Amapuri expects to increase its supply by up to 10,000 tons of açaí per year, allowing it to increase its exports by USD 5m per year.


  • Generate sustainable economic growth for the Putumayo communities, by offering over 900 families income from standing forest products. This discourages the communities from seeking extractive, unsustainable income generation (e.g. logging) from the forest;
  • Contribute to the protection of over 2,000 hectares of natural forest and restore the soils of approximately 645 hectare;
  • Enable the sustainable development for more than 40 different indigenous communities, impacting 15,000 indigenous people through our expansion of operations along the Putumayo River.


CommodityAçaí, camu-camu and copoazu derivatives, such as high-quality pulps and lyophilized products
Annual revenue (USD)501k – 1m
Employees 11 – 50
Years in operation 5 – 10


Fundraising in 6 months

Amount (USD)5.1m – 10m
InstrumentDebt, Equity

Use of funds

Supply chain expansion including the purchase of a solar powered barge that includes fruit processing and cold storage equipment.


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