Invitation to Tender: Procurement for an Auditor

Palladium seeks to procure an Auditor to conduct audits on a number of Grants and Subcontracts between 2020 and 2023, so as to verify that recipients of Partnerships for Forests funds have expended those funds in accordance with the terms of their Grant Agreement or Subcontract.

The procurement is for an Auditor for all of the regions where Partnerships for Forests operates (East Africa, West & Central Africa, South East Asia, Latin America and Global – the Partnerships for Forests Regions). Tenderers should note, that only one Technical Submission must be submitted to cover all Regions and separate Financial Submissions must be submitted for each Partnerships for Forests Region. Entities may submit a bid for all of the Partnerships for Forests Regions as an organisation individually or as a consortium. Only bids that cover all Regions will be considered.

The publicly available Invitation to Tender (ITT) contains the Terms of Reference (TOR), the technical and financial selection criteria and the conditions of tender. Also available is the contract template, Grant Agreement template and Subcontract template.

A log of the clarification questions and answers received by the deadline for receipt of clarifications is also available here.

Please forward your Tender in accordance with the Details for Submission in the ITT by the Closing Date and Time.

To ensure complete transparency and fairness, a notice of this procurement has also been published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union and on the government Contracts Finder.

We look forward to responses, and if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the procurement managers by e-mail – /

Deadline for submissions: 17:00 BST on 01/10/2020